Portraits, Images and Maps

On this page are some jumping points to exloring images useful for those interested in Oakland's history and those who are doing genealogical research in the same. These images come from a variety of sources, including postcards, newspapers, books, photos and online resources.

I would like to thank the Oakland Public Library for their ongoing efforts to bring Oakland's history into the digital age.

  1. Postcards and Images
  2. Portraits
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Postcards and City Images

Key Route Terminal, ca. 1911

Lafayette Park/Chabot Observatory, ca. 1906

Broadway, bef. 1910

Broadway, aft. 1910

SPRR Mole, ca. 1910

Oakland High School, ca. 1910

Oakland City Club Hotel, ca. ?

City Hall Square, ca. ?

Washington Street, abt. 1899

Broadway, ca. 1908

Key Route Inn, ca. 1912

Oakland's Grand Central Hotel, 1876


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Broadway Terrace Subdivision, 1890

Bird's Eye View of Oakland, 1870

Map of Oakland and Neighboring Townships, 1878

Kellersberger Map of Oakland, 1852


East Oakland, circa 1868

Oakland Railway, 1869

Horse and Cart, circa 1870

Twelfth Street Dam, 1884

Chinese Vegetable Peddlar, 1885

Oakland Long Wharf as seen from Yerba Buena Island (Goat Island), 1886

Earthquake Refugee Camp, 1906

Lakeshore Avenue, 1910s

East Oakland, circa 1910.

Chevrolet Plant, 1917