Obituaries-November 1900

Following are obituaries from November, 1900, as printed in The Oakland Daily Evening Tribune.

02 November 1900, Page 5, Column 2


Margaret Ortiz, aged 31 years, a native of Ireland, died yesterday evening without medical attendance at Curtis and Lydia streets. The case was reported to the Coroner. It is said her death is due to alcoholism.

She claimed to be the wife of a man in jail.
02 November 1900, Page 5, Column 2

An Infant's Death

An infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Olsen of Seminary avenue, Brooklyn township, was taken suddenly ill at 8 o'clock last night and died half an hour later. The case was reported to the coroner. The child was only one month and two weeks old.
02 November 1900, Page 6, Column 6


Captain Morine died at Dr. Ward's hospital on Monday morning, the 29th instant, of cancer. His body was cremated at the Odd Fellows' crematory on Wednesday, the 31st, in accordance with his expressed wishes.
03 November 1900, Page 2, Column 6


Mrs. Marcala Kehoe, wife of Patrick Kehoe, died at her home, 216 Hollis street, today.
03 November 1900, Page 4, Column 6


Dennis Brosnahan died alone in his room yesterday at 463 Sixth street. His body was found in the evening by an employe [sic] of the lodging house. Deceased was a laborer 65 years of age and came to this city from Sunol about a month ago. He was formerly in the employ of the Spring Valley Water Company. It is presumed that death was due to alcoholism. There was nothing among his effects to indicate if he had any family or who were his next of kin.
06 November 1900, Page 7, Column 5


SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 6-Mrs. Adelaide Churchill, the mother-in-law of James F. Caldwell, the well-known starter of the Oakland race track, was found dead in her room this morning. Whether she died of heart disease of asphyxiation will be determined at the autopsy.

Mrs. Churchill's body was found on the floor of her room. The deceased was in her night dress and the body lay near the window. Two matches were found in her hand. The gas was partly turned on. The fixture was loose, and on trying it the deputy coroner found that the light was extinguished without the gas being fully turned off.

The deputy coroner thinks that Mrs. Churchill noticed the odor of gas and got up to see what was wrong when she fell, overcome by gas or heart disease. A book was found upon the bed, showing that the deceased had been reading before the light was turned out.
09 November 1900, Page 7, Column 3


Winfield S. Repass was found dead on the floor of his room at 443 San Pablo avenue this morning shortly before noon. He was fully dressed. There was every indication he had died in agony. The remains were moved to the morgue, where an autopsy and inquest will be held.

Deceased was 52 years of age, and a native of Virginia. So far as known he had no family in this city with the exception of a daughter who was recently married. He was occasionally employed by THE TRIBUNE and the Examiner as a solicitor, and also solicited trade for mercantile and manufacturing houses.

He has a brother in Ceres, Va., from whom a recent letter extended congratulations to "the girl" and hoped that she would "escape the misfortunes that have overtaken us."
10 November 1900, Page 3, Column 4


Mrs. Horace M. Smith, wife of the well-known contractor and builder, died suddenly at her home, 621 Eighteenth street, about 9 o'clock last night.

She retired at 8:30 and was taken ill immediately afterwards. Dr. John Fearn, the family physician, was hurriedly summoned but she died within half an hour and just before his arrival. Her death was due to hemorrhage from the lungs. Dr. Fearn held an autopsy this morning. Deceased was about 50 yers [sic] of age and leaves a husband and one son, the latter an employee of the Mare Island Navy Yard.
10 November 1900, Page 8, Column 2


LIVERMORE, Nov. 9-Leo Jasher Beazell, the three-year-old child of A. G. Beazell who was so terribly burned by inhaling steam from the spout of a tea kettle on Wednesday, died early yesterday morning after suffering untold agony for nearly forty-eight hours. The funeral took place from the residence of his parents at 2 o'clock today.
13 November 1900, Page 2, Column 2


Marie A. Knopfle, the ?-months-old daughter of Joseph and Sophia Knopfle, died very suddenly this morning at their home in Upper Fruitvale. The child was well and slept roundly last night, and early this morning was seized with cramps and died before a doctor could be summoned. An inquest will be held tonight.
13 November 1900, Page 3, Column 3

Death of Mrs. Racey

Mrs. Charlotte K. M. Racey, aged 40 years, a native of Canada, died last night at her home on Elm street, after a short illness.
14 November 1900, Page 8, Column 3


Captain Antonio Garcia Terra died at his home in San Leandro last Monday. He was 70 years old, and had resided in San Leandro for many years. He leaves five children, Antonio, Louie, and Jackson Terra, Mrs. M. Cardoza, and Mrs. Louisa Costa. The funeral took place this morning and the remains were interred in the cemetery at Haywards.
15 November 1900, Page 7, Column 3


John Connell, a blind man and one of the most familiar characters about the Seventh street depot, died yesterday at his home 835 Eighth street. He had not been enjoying good health for some time, but his death is attributed to old age, he having passed the 7? year point. Connell was a native of Ireland, a widower, and leaves six children, Mary, Julia, Daniel, Millie, John and James Connell.
16 November 1900, Page 1, Column 4 YOUNG DUFF IS DEAD
The Berkeley Football Player Dies of His Injuries
Freshman Center Was Hurt in a Practice

BERKELEY, Cal., Nov. 16-Lee Calhoun Duff, the freshman center whose spine was injured in a practice football game three weeks ago, died today at the home of his father, William L. Duff, a well-known mining man. But for his injury Duff would probably have played center in the Stanford-California freshman game.

He was a graduate of the Be*y High School, where he was known as a crack football player.

On leaving the University Campus one afternoon after practice, Duff complained of a pain in his back. This grew worse and after several days one leg was paralyzed, then another.

Specialists said at first that Duff might recover, but that he would be permanently a paralyte. Today he unexpectedly expired.

The University flag is at half-mast and the students will take part in the funeral.
17 November 1900, Page 3, Column 1


Albert Brunner died yesterday at his home on Raymond street near Alcatraz avenue, this city. He was well known both here and in San Francisco as a prominent member of the U. O. R. M. He leaves a widow, Francoise Brunner, and two children, Angelique and Leon Brunner, and was a brother-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kupfer, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Guillium, and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Madden and Victor Etienne. Deceased was a native of Rischelm, Alsace.

The funeral will take place from 3?5 Montgomery street, San Franciscom thence to Red Men's Hall, 510 Bush street, where services will be held under the auspices of Golden Gate Stamin. No. 7?, U. O. R. M., at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. The interment will bein Odd Fellows' Cemetery.
19 November 1900, Page 3, Column 4


Isaac B. Wheeler, a well-known mining man, died yesterday at his home, 829 Union street, this city.

He had been in failing health for some time, and was over 70 years old. He was a native of Augustus, Ky., and had resided in this city some years.

He leaves a widow, Mrs. Theresa C. Wheeler, and six children, Mrs. M. L. Maurer, Mrs. E. A. Tulley, Mrs. Daniel Meade?, Z. G. Wheeler, Mrs. W. S. Kucker, and William A. Wheeler.

The funeral will take place from his late family residence, at the address given, tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock and the remains will be interred in Mountain View Cemetery.
19 November 1900, Page 5, Column 5


William Shannon, who about a month ago was held up by three masked men near Sixth and Washington streets, and who has been ill ever since, died last night at his home, 528 Knox place. Mr. Shannon resided in this city for a number of years, and was well-known both here and in San Francisco. For many years he was employed as the personal attendant of the late Leland Stanford.
21 November 1900, Page 8, Column 3


ALAMEDA, November 21-Louis Mazzini, who died at the French Hospital in San Francisco after an operation for cancer of the stomach, was a pioneer resident of this city, having located in business here twenty years ago. He was aged 57 years, a native of Italy. The deceased leaves a wife, Mrs. Mary Mazzini, and was the father of Joseph, Louis, Edward, Etta, Raymond, and Natalie Mazzini and Mrs. W. E. Kruger. The funeral will take place from St. Joseph's Church at 10 o'clock Thursday morning when a requiem mass will be said.
24 November 1900, Page 7, Column 3


ALAMEDA, Nov. 24-Mrs. Nancy E. Jenks, one of Alameda's oldest residents, died yesterday at the age of 89 years and ten months. She was the widow of Levi Jenks, who was at one time the president of the Bank of Alameda, and was very prominent in church work, having been an active member of the Methodist Church. Albert Jenks, the artist, is her only surviving son.
26 November 1900, Page 2, Column 1

Death of Mrs. Broderick

Charlotte Broderick died last evening at Fabiola Hospital. She was a native of Germany, aged 58 years, and had been an inmate at the hospital three weeks. She had resided at Fruitvale. The funeral takes place Wednesday.
26 November 1900, Page 8, Column 1

Death of Only Daughter

The funeral of Kathleen Ethel Langford, who died at the home of her mother, Mrs. Lucy M. Langford, at San Leandro, last Saturday, took place this morning from the residence of her grandparents on Clark street, San Leandro, thence to St. Leander's Church, where services were held. The interment was at Holy Cross Cemetery. Deceased was the only daughter of Mrs. Langford, and the late Thomas R. Langford. She was a native of San Leandro, aged 8 years, 11 months, and 4 days.
28 November 1900, Page 5, Column 2


Charles B. Chase died yesterday at his home, 907 Wood street, after an illness extending over six months. Deceased was a native of San Francisco, aged 38 years. He leaves a widow and two children.