From: The Oakland Daily Evening Tribune, 02 April 1875, Page 3, Column 3.

The Life Knot

The following marriage licenses were recorded by the County Recorder during the month of March:

Edwin L. Allen to Julia E. Mendenhall

Henry Robinson to Lillie Watts W*d

Daniel H. Wakefield to Mary J. Hall

John E. Woolten to Mrs. Mary Mayer

George S. McCracken to Kate Conway

Charles Vestchilde to Hannah Donovan

Ernst Tietje to Sarah Hendley

Charles W. Thompson to Kate Fox

M. S. Kitt to Mary McQueen

John Lewthwaite to Alice Moore

Reinhardt H. Franke to Mary E. Oti?

?. A. Falk to Hannah E. Winguest

John Nutter to Mary B. Green