From: The Oakland Daily Evening Tribune, 30 April 1875, Page 3, Column 3


According to the County Clerk's records, seventeen marriage licenses have been issued for the month of April, as follows:

Richard W. Keefe and Susie B. Lentell

Geo. H. Richardson and Flora A. Burnett

Manuel G. Fereira and Cecelia M. Mathews

H. D. J. F. Swarting and Louisa J. Trestler

Thomas C. Mayor and Nellie G. Reed

Perley M. Brown and Nettie Powelson

William Betts and Alice R. Reid

Henry L. Martin and Emma Hellems

John S. Tibbeis and Lizzie Finley

Ferdinand Schultz and Rebecca Gippricht

J. J. Fleming and Kittie Myles

William O. Banks and Ella Greany

George Earsen and Dorthe? Anderson

Fred B. Joyce and Catherine A. Molley

Aaron Hohues and Nancy *der

R. F. McCartey and Kittie L. Taylor

Jerry Bowman and Alice Cole

James Walker and Rachel V. Lawson