From: The Oakland Daily Evening Tribune, 30 January 1877, Page 5, Column 5


List of Parties Who Obtained Marriage Licenses During the Month of January

There were 31 marriage licenses taken out by parties in Alameda county in the month fo January, 1877-an average of one per day. Following are the names of the persons who determined to "shuffle off the ills of single blessedness and fly to those they knew not of":

Patrick J. Brophy and Ellen Kehoe

Jose Puente and Abeleiria Cerdans

Andrew W. McGill and Catherine Lambert

Jeremiah O'Connor and Mary Redmond

Gilbert A. Searight and Lavina E. Warner

James R. Morse and Lottie R. McAlister

William Collins and Catherine Gieschen

John Breen and Josephine Curry

Henry Williams and Lucy La Curtis

John Tychson and Josie Marlin

William A. Perry and Sarah T. Corbett

Allen F. Bird and Mary D. Theobalds

Stephen Schlegelnielch and Mary Anderson

James Curley and Margaret Donlan

Geo. A. Cook and Mary E. Rose

Daniel Healy and Mary Toomey

John C. Brown and Egnacia Pedra

D. W. Redding and Annie M. McCardy

Thos. J. Bittencourt and Anaguvoninco Davila

Joseph Lippold and Maria Amalid Hafell

Thomas B. Coghill and Catherine Elmore Stanly

Jas. Silva Falipos and Maria Barba Dojezus

Geo. E. Howard and Jane G. Clarke

Jacob Stevens and Julia Anderson

Joseph Silva and Mary Argos

Dietrich Menke and Mary Wulzen

E. A. Hersey and E. R. Freeman

Manuel Viera Mascha and Marie Jesus Magalena

Lysander D. Spencer and Maggie Mullikin

Robert R. Yates and Mrs. Hannah T. Blanchard

Manuel R. Merritt and Lizzie W. Townsend