From: The Oakland Daily Evening Tribune, 02 August 1890, Page 3, Columns 1-2.


Estates in Which No Accounts Have Been Filed.
The Attorneys in Charge of the Cases
Executors, Administrators, and Guardians Who Will Be Required to Present Reports of Their Trusts.

The list of guardians and administrators who have failed to comply with the law that requires accounts and inventories to be filed, still continues to grow longer. The estates named today constitute the list from the year 1885 to 1888. It will be seen that among the names of the derelict attorneys appears the name of Judge Hornblower of San Francisco. Cleve Dam, as an administrator, is also caught in the list, while Judge Ogden is found to appear as an attorney in a few estates which have not been closed up. Police Court Clerk Billy O'Brien is also in the swim, and so is nearly almost every other attorney in town. Deputy Clerk Furry took all the estates in which the law has not been fulfilled down to 1885, as they were all in Department One of the Superior Court. Since 1885 he is only taking the estates which are in Judge Greene's Department.

Estate of E. J. Fitzpatrick minor; Jas. Wheeler attorney and M. A. Conner, guardian.

Estate of Annie Reynolds deceased; E. C. Robinson attorney and Louis Gottschall administrator.

Estate of A. S. Sanderson minor; R. A. Redman attorney and C. Sanderson, guardian.

Estate of C. J. Gramborne et al., minors; M. Gramborne guardian.

Estate of F. Runger et al., minors; Nye and Richardson attorneys and C. M. Runger guardian.

Estate of S. B. Wellington deceased; R. A. Redman attorney and S. G. Walkington guardian.

Estate of E. C. Tenny et al., minors; Nye and Richardson attorneys and T. G. Dickerson guardian.

Estate of E. Stephenson minor; D. Y. Campbell attorney and D. Y. Campbell guardian.

Estate of J. Schmidt deceased; E. C. Robinson attorney and Louis Gottshall administrator.

Estate of H. O. Raynor, deceased; Lloyd and Wood attorneys, and E. H. Clark administrator.

Estate of F. M. Cerini et al., minors; F. Kennedy attorney and Mary C. Williams guardian.

Estate of J. F. Fitzgerald deceased; E. C. Robinson attorney and Louis Gottshall administrator.

Estate of C. F. Teaff et al., minors; Moore and Reed attorneys and M. C. Teaff guardian.

Estate of Carrie Beel, minor; Moore and Reed attorneys and Regina Beel guardian.

Estate of E. H. Holland et al., minors; L. J. Hardy Jr., attorney and D. D. Holland, guardian.

Estate of E. and M. Beardsley, minors; Nye and Richardson, attorneys and H. E. Beardsley, guardian.

Estate of P. Fallon, deceased; F. J. Sullivan, attorney, and P. J. G. Kenna administrator.

Estate of J. H. Church Jr., minor; Chickering and Thomas, attorneys and W. H. Chickering, guardian.

Estate of H. S. McKeen et al., minors; S. P. Hall attorney and Carrie McKeen, guardian.

Estate of K. and M. Roberts, minors; J. A. Johnson, attorney, and Mary Roberts, guardian.

Estate of J. A. Taney, deceased; I. Lawton attorney, and J. D. Taney, administrator.

Estate of J. and D. Doran, minors; M. C. Hassett, attorney, and J. Doran, guardian.

Estate of P. J. Dohlen, deceased; E. C. Robinson, attorney and Louis Gottshall, administrator.

Estate of H. C. Jones, minor; Nye and Richardson, attorneys, and D. H. Jones, guardian.

Estate of J. J. Gensoul, minor; E. J. Pringle, attorney and J. J. Gensoul, guardian.

Estate of George H. Bassett, minor; J. Roche, attorney, and J. H. Bassett, guardian.

Estate of G. M. Kimball, minor; Nye and Richardson, attorneys and L. W. Kimball guardian.

Estate of F. Graybiel, deceased; John Ellsworth attorney and E. Graybiel administrator.

Estate of Peter Lahr, deceased; M. J. Nolan attorney and J. Goff administrator.

Estate of J. L. Petersen et al., minors; George E. De Golia attorney and A. C. Madsen guardian.

Estate of R. A. Owen, deceased; F. B. Ogden attorney, and O. M. Owen administrator.

Estate of L. C. Laus, minor; John Ellsworth attorney and C. Laus guardian.

Estate of W. H. Jessup, deceased; M. G. Cobb attorney, and E. M. Jessup, administrator.

Estate of Mamie Burke, minor; T. H. Smith attorney and N. Hunter guardian.

Estate of J. M. Hill, et al., minors; Metcalf and Metcalf attorneys and E. M. Hill, guardian.

Estate of W. C. Carson, minor; W. Matthews, attorney and F. C. Meyers, guardian.

Estate of K. B. Felton, minor; S. B. McKee Jr., attorney and Mrs. K. B. Felton, guardian.

Estate of V. O. O'Brien, et al, minor [sic]; W. S. O'Brien attorney and M. O'Brien uardian [sic].

Estate of J. F. Gunn, minor; John Yule, attorney and C. T. Gunn guardian.

Estate of John Thomas deceased; I. F. Dinard attorney and F. A. Hornblower, administrator.

Estate of P. F. Dauche, deceased; F. M. Husted attorney and D. Seale, administrator.

Estate of F. M. Sweeney, et al., minors; M. J. Sullivan attorney and T. Schulte guardian.

Estate of G. A. Andrews, minor; G. P. Harding attorney and N. A. Andrews guardian.

Estate of Lulu Aldis, minor; R. M. Fitzgerald attorney and Edwin Aldis, guardian.

Estate of M. C. Brink, minors [sic]; Welles Whitmore, attorney, and H. R. Belden, guardian.

Estate of A. M. Burnal, minor; Win[?] and Balknap attorneys and M. I. Inwall, guardian.

Estate of E. and M. Rose, minors; F. C. Huxley, attorney, and A. Ross, guardian.

Estate of C. F. Donahue, deceased; E. C. Robinson, attorney and Geo. Carter, administrator.

Estate of Stella Minor, et al, minors; [Column 2] John Ellsworth attorney and Henry Tyack, guardian.

Estate of W. Anderson, et al., minors; D. H. Whittemore attorney and E. Anderson, guardian.

Estate of W. Van Dyke, et al; [sic] Mastick Belcher and Mastick attorneys, and C. H. Van Dyke guardian.

Estate of W. Hardemeyer, deceased; George E. De Golia attorney, and J. E. Hardemeyer, administrator.

Estate of William Harwood, deceased; J. F. Simmons attorney. [sic]

Estate of J. Bonnet, deceased; T. C. Huxley attorney and E. J. Palmer, administrator.

Estate of A. Dam, deceased; F. W. Henshaw attorney, C. L. Dam administrator.

Estate of T. O'Brien deceased; W. S. O'Brien attorney and James Delaney administrator.

Estate of John Eames, deceased; Crocker and Chapman, attorneys.

Estate of D. Crowley, deceased; B. McFadden, attorney.

Estate of W. Gillick, deceased; John Yule, attorney.

Estate of J. A. Campbell, et al minors; W. Matthews, attorney.

Estate of Robert Thomas, minor; S. F. Daniels, attorney.

Estate of R. C. Ogden, deceased; Morrow and Stratton attorneys.

Estate of M. C. Miller, minor; George M. Shaw attorney.

Estate of M. J. Roach, minor; S. M. Shortridge, attorney.

Estate of P. F. Carpenter, et al., minors; R. M. Fitzgerald, attorney.

Estate of L. A. Herman Jr., et al., minors; Tilden and Tilden attorneys.

Estate of F. C. Striker, minor; Metcalf and Metcalf attorneys.

Estate of Grace T. Pazet, minor; J. C. Pluckett, attorney.

Estate of W. J. Patton Jr., et al., minors; John Ellsworth, attorney.

Estate of D. Keeley, deceased; R. M. Fitzgerald attorney.

Estate of N. J. Fletcher, deceased; Moore and Reed attorneys.

Estate of J. M. Leeper, et al., minors; Smith and Robinson, attorneys.

Estate of L. J. hart, deceased; Welles Whitmore attorney.

Estate of Lida Magill, deceased; Nye and Richardson attorneys.

Estate of S. L. Johnson, deceased; E. J. Pringle, attorney.

Estate of R. Silverstein, minor; G. M. Shaw attorney.

Estate of Morris Butler, deceased; N. H. Metcalf attorney and S. B. McKee administrator.

Estate of C. and R. Menke, minors; G. E. De Golia, attorney.

Estate of Eva P. Hart, minor; Welles Whitmore, attorney.

Estate of John O'Connor, deceased; C. T. Johns attorney.

Estate of John Murphy, deceased; Welles Whitmore attorney.