From: The Oakland Daily News, 01 January 1874, Page 3

PROBATE COURT Hon. Stephen G. Nye, County and Probate Judge

Wills have been probated or letters of administration granted on the estates of the following deceased persons as follows:

Jan. 3, Christian Penke

Jan. 6, Silva C. Ewell

Jan. 7, Jose M. Mariante

Jan. 10, James Brands

Jan. 23, Nahum Haynes

Jan. 25, Oscar L. Shafter

Jan. 28, Henry S. Yarrington

Feb. 14, Perez M. Bachelder

Feb. 14, Jonathan Griffith

Feb. 20, Maxwell Long

March 7, Jas. M. R. Lewis

March 12, Hiram C. Warren

March 15, George S. Porter

March 19, David Bateman

March 28, Amos H. Bangle

March 31, Bernard McGuire

March 31, John Evoy

April 8, Carson S. Halle

April 12, Sarah K. Adams

April 12, Christopher C. Warner

April 14, John Koopman

April 28, Matilda S. Marchand

May 3, Margaret Maillot

May 10, J. R. de Barbola

May 14, Alphonso J. Lovejoy

May 21, Henrick J. Heyer

May 26, Georanni [sic] Galgiani

June 3, John L. Greares

June 13, Henry Carrison

June 17, Jeremiah Collins

July 8, Jeremiah Horgan

July 24, H. P. Hanson

July 26, Elisha Young

July 29, Eli W. Herrin

Aug. 11, P. A. Halverson

Sept. 13, Elizabeth Holilane

Sept. 15, Alexander Young

Sept. 30, A. J. Taylor

Oct. 2, Peter J. Postal

Oct. 14, Charles F. Ellsworth

Oct. 21, Mary E. Sullivan

Oct. 29, John A. Lancaster

Oct. 30, Geo. M. Griffin

Nov. 8, Michael L. Tallon

Nov. 24, Benet W. Obling

Nov. 24, Fred. Buel.

Nov. 24, Mary Rhodes

Dec. 3, William Moore

Dec. 5, Alfred C. Bothwell

Dec. 11, Jas. Haas

Dec. 23, Samuel McAlister

Dec. 10, John Bose

Dec. 15, Geo. Evers

Dec. 16, John O. Darrow

Dec. 24, Thomas Tuomey

Dec. 27, Hattie E. Bonner

Letters of guardianship over the following names minors or deceased persons, have been issued:

June 19, Ida Zimmerman

July 3, Robert S. Walley

July 10, Wm. A. H. Koopman and H. Wm. Koopman

Sept. 17, T. Peralta, H. Peralta, R. Peralta, L. Peralta, and J. Peralta

Oct. 10, Edward E. Powers

Oct. 16, George Williams and Emma Williams

Oct. 21, Mary O'Reilley, (insane)

Dec. 5, Ellen Francis Searer

Dec. 10, Johana Bose and Emma Bose