From: The Oakland Daily Evening Tribune, 04 January 1890, PAGE 2



ELITE SOCIAL CLUB DANCING school has increased their excellent orchestra to six pieces and will make it the special feature of their Saturday evening soirees.

FRENCH LANGUAGE TAUGHT IN one year by Professor Clerc, author of "The Essentials of the French Language", a new method remarkable for its simplicity, brevity and completeness, now successfully used as a textbook in California College and other institutions. Private lessons at pupils residence, $1 a lesson; evening classes at Dr. Sa? Clerc's office, 1240 San Pablo avenue, $2.50 per month; refrences Rev. Dr. Morse, President of California College. Apply at 1240 San Pablo avenue, Oakland.

HOME AND EDUCATION IN ALL branches offered to a quiet girl (from 6 to 14) with advertiser's own daughter; references. Address B. A., Box 1, TRIBUNE office.

PROF. A. HUFF, PRACTICAL Phrenologist. 1115 Broadway, Room 5, Examinations and delineations of character and talents with marked chart to your fancy. Students taught this noble science.

SCHOOL OF FRENCH, GERMAN, Spanish for children and adults; superior advantages for daily French conversation, private and * classes; newest systems. MLLE. E. GRANDJEAN, graduated teacher, 264 Ninth street.

SPANISH LESSONS, GIVEN BY A Spanish lady at 1453 Broadway. For terms and particulars apply to MISS G. VALLEJO.

LIVE OAK LODGE, No. 81, F. and A. M., meets every Friday evening at Masonic Temple.

OAKLAND LODGE NO. 118, I. O. O. F., meets every Tuesday, at 7:30 P. M. at Odd Fellows Hall, Franklin and 11 sts. Sojourning brothers are cordially invited to attend. H. SCHELLHAAS, ?. G., D. A. PRICE, R. S.

OAKLAND COUNCIL, No. 12, R. ?. S. M. meets the third Thursday in each month, P. M. Masonic Temple.

THE SCOTTISH RITE BODIES OF Freemasonry meet every Monday evening at Masonic Temple, Brethren of the Rite cordially invited.

A GOOD MEAL CAN ALWAYS BE obtained at the New York Restaurant, 526 1/4 Broadway, night or day, consisting of the best meats, game, oysters, and everything good to eat that the market affords; N. C. MILLOGLAV & CO, proprietors.

HARRY WEBER IS RUNNING THE Twenty-third avenue restaurantl first-class meals on short notice; moderate prices.

MAISON DOREE RESTAURANT, 1222 San Pablo ave., open day and night oysters served in every style, tables supplied with the best; 21 meal tickets, $4; ladies private rooms. F. Marcovich $ Co., props.

SADDLE ROCK OYSTER HOUSE and restaurant, 472 Twelfth street, elegant private rooms for families; special brands of oysters constantly on hand; table supplied with the best that money can buy. MARTIN & Co., Proprietors.

GRAND CENTRAL COFFEE PARLOR, 469 Seventh street; everything neat and clean; the table supplied with the best the market can afford, at reasonable rates. Drop in. * SIMMONSON $ LI??ENTHAL

A NO. 1 HAIR STORE, "THE LA TOSCA" (successor to Abbott Hair Store) 1062 Eddy (Domestic Machine Office). Hair work made to order; half presse; wigs to rent; shampooing. Agency for Mrs. Gervaise Graham's cosmetics. MRS. J. E. RACKFLIFFE.

A NEW CIGAR STORE-I WISH to call the public's attention to the fact that I have fitted up a first class cigar store at 628 East Twelfth street, with the best brands of cigars and tobaccos. F. E. BRUNKER, Proprietor. SAM RADCLIFF, manager.

ANDY MOORE, THE POPULAR Berkeley saloon keeper is always glad to see his friends and the public in general. He carries the best stock of wines, liquors and cigars in Berkeley.

ATTENTION-CHAPEL'S FRENCH female pills for irregularities of monthly periods from colds, etc.; splendid for ladies in delicate health and other conditions; cure for all guaranteed-$5. MRS. DAVIES, ?26 Kearny street.

CAKE MAKING- MRS. A. E. Allen, having made cake for wedding and parties for 20 years in Boston is now located at 618 Nineteenth street, between San Pablo avenue and Grove, Oakland; also will bake or teach at home if desired.

COLLING'S ELECTRIC BELTS will cure all diseases that flesh is heir to; my belts run one year without refilling which can be done by anybody, or I will make them as good as new for $1. 716 Fourth street. Send for pamphlet.

CHAMBER SUITS AND MATTRESS, $9 and up; 1168 Broadway. RYAN & MELLOR.

CUTFLOWERS, ROSES, BOUQUETS, seeds, bulbs, orchids and shrubbery, gardens laid out tastefully; floral supplised for parties, etc., a specialty. FLOSSMANN & RICE, corner Twelfth and Alice streets.

DAVY CROCKETT IS ON THE WIN-dow, but it's Howard Shaw's Saloon at the corner of 28th st. and San Pablo avenue. Every body knows that Howard carries the best wines, liquors and cigars in Oakland.

DOLLIE, MEET ME AT THE CALIFORNIA RESTAURANT, 854 Broadway tomorrow, and we will get one of those nice lunches. They have everything the best in the market.

FRESH BREAD, PIES, and CAKES delivered to any part of East Oakland or Fruit Vale, home baking a specialty. SUPERIOR BAKERY, 770 12th st., bet. 14th and 1?th aves. W. A. McElhat?on, proprietor.

FIRST QUALITY HAIR GOODS, latest styles; Hading Coiffure, Pompadour, Russian Bangs, Waves, Curls, Switches; Hair jewelry made to order; Combings made ?; Hair Dressing, Shampooing with hair drier; Mrs. Short, 1?15 Broadway, rms. 30, 31.

IF THE "MOTHER" WHO WROTE to a friend on East Fourteenth street last Sunday will write and give full particulars, or grant an interview, it will be considered a very great kindness by one who is most anxious for her daughter's welfare.

LESSONS GIVEN IN SPANISH fancy work or fancy work made to order, at very low prices. Call at 862 Franklin street, Oakland.

MRS. J. H. MOFFETT, ARTIST teacher of art, painting on silk, satin, bolting cloth, etc.; Kensington painting, fancy needlework, arasene, chenile, ribb., zinc; school for dressmaking. Studio, 1484 San Pablo avenue.

MISS E. BELT, WOOD CARVING and China Painting, 1424 Webster street.

NOTICE OF REMOVAL-J. PHILlips has removed his Misfit Clothing Store from Seventh and Campbell streets Oakland, to 208 Sixteenth street, near Howard street, San Francisco. J. Phillips is still at his old stand, the California Dye Works, ?70 Eighth street, where he will buy and sell misfit clothing. Please send postals.

PACIFIC DYEING AND CLEANING Works have removed their office to 4?0 Tenth st. near Broadway. Ladies' and Gents clothing cleaned or dyed in a superior manner at reasonable prices. J. SPAULDING & Co.

R WICKMANN, WATCHMAKER and jeweler, formerly with George Shreve & Co., San Francisco; first class repairing a specialty; all work warranted; fine watches and jewelry; 1258 San Pablo avenue.

REMOVAL-A. HOENISCH Removed from 1161 Washington street to 509 Fourteenth street, opposite public library; upholstering and repairing furniture promptly attended to.

SANTA CLARA CREAMERY, 1403 San Pablo avenue. Fresh cream, pure country milk, butter and buttermilk churned daily, all kinds of cheese, choice eggs from our ranch. J. H. MAURER & CO., props.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN-On and after December 28th, I hereby notify all parties that I will not be responsible for any debts that may be contracted for the firm of Mitchell & Murphy. J. L. MITCHELL, of the firm of Mitchell & Murphy.

TO HOUSEKEEPERS-THIS IS THE time for housecleaning; ladies can do the best work in the easiest manner by using A?hens Furniture Paste, best material known for cleaning furniture; try it. Call for it at Woman's Exchange, Franklin st., near ?, Oakland. Also try her corn salve, harmless and effective.

TO BUY OR SELL FURNITURE call at 11?8 Broadway. RYAN & MELLOR.

WILL THE PARTY WHO ADvertised a lost purse in these columns a few days ago please call at, or send their address to, THE TRIBUNE office.

WILL THE PARTY WHO SElected a parlor suit and paid a deposit please call at once, there is no such number of Twenty-third avenue, as directed. If not heard from will sell the same over again. Yours, H. SCHELLHAAS, 408 Eleventh street.

WE DYE TO LIVE AND LIVE TO dye" The Philadelphia Dye Works always was and will be the first in California. A trial of my work will give satisfaction. WM REUTER, Propr., 833 Washington st.

MARTIN RYAN, THE PIONEER horseshoer of Oakland located 869 Clay street, near Eighth) has had twenty-six years experience in the business. He surely is the man to do your shoeing; try him.

WHEN YOUR HORSES NEED shoeing take them to Robert Gilmore, cor. Twelfth street, between Harrison and Alice, where they will be shod in a first class manner; none but the first class mechanics employed.

$4.50 each all new patent kitchen, tables, flooring, bread boards, knife drawers, and highpriced stoves sell em $6.50; we are wholesale agents; you leave your order now, and at H. SCHELLHAAS, 468 Eleventh street.

A CENTRALLY LOCATED REStaurant for sale; well established; to be sold as owner has to leave for New York. Call at this office.

FOR SALE-TWO FINE NEW COTTages, 5 and 8 rooms, modern improvements; small payment down, balance monthly if desired. Owner on premises, 631 Delger street (20th). Call. examine, and buy one.

FOR SALE- A PERFECTLY GENtle buggy horse, harness and two seated family wagon or single buggy; also one heavy spring wagon; one horse, harness and cart for $85; on installments if desired. Apply at 1625 Broadway, corner Twenty-first street, or at 1062 Broadway (Office of the Domestic Sewing Machine).

FOR SALE-FRESH COWS AND horses for cash; or in installments; cows to rent by the month; horses and buggies to let cheap, fine manure for sale; a fine large bay mare suitable for a private carriage, also a fine single footer under the saddle and will trot in harness 3 minutes. Apply to Sixth and Alice streets.

THE FURNITURE OF A FLAT OF 4 rooms, for housekeeping for sale. 1061 Alice street.

TWO CHOICE BLOODED, DARK red yearling Devon bulls for sale. Apply to R. E. ROWLAND, Orinda Park, Contra Costa county, or newstand, corner Tenth street and Broadway.

WE ARE THE PEOPLE. HAVING purchased the entire stock of a toy store and will close the goods out at your own option: scrap books, tin whistles, accordions, drums, dolls at less than half price; see them at the old reliable H. SCHELLHAAS, 408 Eleventh street.

A NEW MEDIUM-MRS F. JOHNson, Clairvoyant and test medium; seatings daily, $1.00. Names of spirit given: social circles Monday evenings at 8 P.M. No 1621 Market street, Oakland, Cal.

MRS. W. WEIR, TELEGRAPHIC medium, controlled by the late Mrs. Breed, the wonderful rapping medium, sittings daily; also a powerful magnetic healer, teats all kinds of chronic and acute diseases successfully. 1?82 Seventh street West Oakland and Center st., Sundays excepted.

NEW YORK BAKERY ?08 BROADway. German French Milk and American bread.

C. K. HILL & CO., ARCHITECTS, B&M Bldg., 906 Broadway, cor. 8th, room 80, take elevator.

W.W. GOODRICH, ARCHITECT and Sanitary Engineer, 1??4 Broadway, Oakland, Cal.

B. T. MOUSER M.D. EYE, EAR and throat; office and residence corner Telegraph and Shattuck avenues; hours 8 to 9 a.m., 3 to 5 and 6 to 7 p.m. Telephone 137(3).

C. J. SECHRIST THROAT, NOSE and Lungs. Office 1108 1/2 Broadway hours 2 to 5 and 7 to 8, Sundays 130 to 3 P.M.

DR. J. MAHER, OFFICE 1215 Broadway, rooms 1 and 2; (Canning Block); office hours 11 A. M. to 12 P. M.; 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 P. M.; Office telephone 432; residence 1?50 Peralta, cor. 12th st.; hours 8 to 9 A. M.

G. A. LATHROP, M. D. PHYSICIAN and surgeon; office and residence removed to 909 Myrtle street, near Eighth; regular office hours from ? to 4 P. M.

GRAY SMITH, M. D. (LATE OF Baltimore); 1112 Alice st., above 12th; hours 9-10 A. M., 7-8 P. M.; telephone 207.

A. M. TAYLOR, M. D.; RESIdence 537 Albion street; residence telephone [?] Office 111? Broadway; office hours 11 A. M. to [?] and 7 to 8 P. M.; office telephone [?].

ADAMS, G. B.- OFFICE and RESIdence 1014 Broadway; hours 10 A. M. to 12 P. M., ? to 4 and 6 to 7:30 P. M. Telephone 239.

ADAMS, F. L.-OFFICE TWELFTH and Broadway, hours 10 to 11 A. M. and 4 to 5 P. M. Residence, S. W. corner Clay and Seventeenth streets.

BRADWAY, J. R.-OFFICE 1003 1/2 Broadway; hours 9 to 10 A. M., 1 to 3 and 7:30 to 9 P. M. Residence 780 Tenth street.

MULLER, H. S.- OFFICE AND residence, ?155 Broadway, rooms 20 and 21; hours 2 to 4, and 7 and [sic] 8 P. M. Telephone 31.

SOUTHARD, W. F.-OFFICE, 1155 Broadway; residence 1203 Castro street; Hours, 10 to 12 A. M., 1 to 3 P. M. Sunday, 1 to 3 P. M. Eye, Ear and Throat.

Dr. JENNIE P. WEBB HAS REmoved to 203 Valencia street, San Francisco, with Dr. Kate E. MacRae.

Mrs. Dr. M. D. WILSON, OFFICE and residence, 765 Thirteenth street; hours 8 to 8:30 A. M.; 2 to 4 P. M.; hospital for special treatment of cancers. 768 Twelfth street. Telephone 433.

J. M. Young, M. D., Homeopathics, surgeon; office and residence 1115 Broadway, Office hours, 9:30 to 10:30 A.M., 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 P. M., Sundays 12:30 to 1:30, and 7 to 8 P.M. Telephone No. 180.

Dr. POULSON, FRUIT VALE Hospital Sanitarium, Ly* street, near Fruit Vale avenue, Office hours, 10 to 12 A. M.

AT DR. HALL'S, 426 KEARNY ST. San Francisco, diseases incident to females treated successfully.

MRS. MANDERLEIN, ELECTRIC vapor baths, 1001 Broadway, corner Tenth st., rooms 12, 14, and 18.

DR. C. C. O'DONNELL-OFFICE residence, 704 Washington street, corner Kearny, San Francisco. Office hours, 10 A.M. to 4 P.M., and 7 to 8 P.M. Particular attention paid to disease of women and children.

MRS. FRANK CAMBLOS, JR. GER-man midwife, 18 years' experience: 876 East Eleventh st., near Eighth ave.

MRS. N. MOONEY, PROFESSIONAL nurse, can furnish best of referencesl 15 years' experience; was midwife 12 years. Call at or address Room 43, Playter Block.

H. J. PLOMTEAUX, D. D. S., 1115 Broadway, between Twelfth and Thirteenth, Oakland, has adopted a method of filling teeth with less pain, at one-third the expense and one-third the time required by any other first-class method. Examination and advice gratis.

A. CORNWALL, DENTIST, 1069 Broadway.

DR. W. H. SIMMONS, DENTIST, Dental rooms 3 and 4, Evert's Block, 1014 Broadway, Oakland. Office hours, 9 A. M. to 5 P. M.

G. H. KRIECHBAUM, OFFICE 8541/2 Broadway, corner of Seventh, Oakland. Office hours, ? to ? A. M., 1 to 5 P.M.

J. M. DUNN, D. D. S., OFFICE 1155 Broadway, rooms 28 and 29.

DR. SIMMS, DENTIST, FORMERLY of 825 Market street, has removed to the Arcade building, 930 Market street, San Francisco, near Baldwin Hotel.

DR. T. CARPENTER, VETERINARY Surgeon, Honorary Graduate of Ontario Veterinary College, Graduate of McMahon's School of Veterinary Dentists, Honorary Fellow of Ontario Veterinary Medical Society, Office at Brown's Stables, 2?th and Washington, residence, ? E. 12th st. Telephone 427.

DR. A. DE LARROUSSE, VETERINARY surgeon, graduate of Alfort College, Paris; residence, 7?? Jackson street, Oakland; references, McCleverty and [?] Fashion Stables, Broadway; leave orders at the Fashion Stables; free consultations every day at residence from 1 to 3 P.M.

CHAS. H. HOMAN, VETERINARY Surgeon, office and hospital, S. W. Cor. 10th and Market st. Accommodations for sick horses consultation free. Leave orders at the PEOPLE's EXPRESS COMPANY, 423 Tenth street.

$50,000.00 IN THE RESERVE FUND INVESTED and $85,000.00 ASSETS; MUTUAL ENDOWMENT ASSOCIATION OAKLAND which furnishes plain life and endowment insurance, and disability benefits of $5 to $20 per week. Coupons accounting to $24,000.00 paid since January 1st, 1889. F. K. SHATTUCK, President; A. W. BISHOP, Secretary; First National Bank, Treasurer. Office, 90? Broadway.

A. BORCNIE & CO., 925 THIRD street, corner Myrtle; ashes and rubbish removed; manure hauled for lawns and gardens; prompt attention to orders.

MRS. MOWRE HAS OPENED A New Dry and Fancy Goods Store at 1137 East 14th st., at 23d ave. East Oakland.

OUR HOBBY-WE ARE NOT RUnning our store for glory, but like all honest men, want a living profit. Now is the time if you want an odd bed or mattress, or a fine comforter, pillows or hair mattress; in business 17 years in the same block, our guaranty. H. SCHELLHAAS, the "Old Reliable", 408 Eleventh street.

OAKLAND BONE YARD-DEAD animals removed from Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley and vicinity free of charge. Telephone 65.

WHITE'S SPECIAL PIANO EX-press; office, 1159 Broadway at Girard's music store. Pianos and furniture handled with the greatest of care; all kinds of express [?] promptly attended to.

DU RAY SMITH, SEARCHER OF Records and Conveyancer, Alameda county, Office, No. 459 Ninth street, bet. Broadway and Washington, Oakland.

GUSTAVE L. MIX, SEARCHER OF records and conveyancer, titles examined and abstracts furnished to land in any county in the State; Alameda county a specialty. Office Southeast corner, Broadway and Ninth street. Union Bank Building, telephone 148, Oakland, Cal.

G. W. McKEAND, SEARCHER OF Records for Alameda county, Residence, 810 Thirteenth street, near Market street, offices, southeast corner Fourth and Broadway, Oakland.

STOCKER & HOLLAND, SUCCESSors to Stocker & Sebramm, Searchers of Records for Alameda county; 804 Broadway, Oakland, Cal, Established 1865. Telephone 315. Post offfice box, ?15.

MRS. A. MURPHY, PROFESSIONAL Teacher of vocal, instrumental music, will also play at dancing schools or parties. Call at 707 Fifth street, Oakland.

MISS FLORA C. KENDALL, 967 Alice street, Teacher of Music, studied with Dr. William Ma[?] of New York and Mr. L. Lisser, S. F.; accompanist to Mr. D. F. Hughes, Director Harmonic Society, and Mr. H. J. Stewart, Organist Trinity Church, S. F.

MME. CHAPALAIN'S LACE LAUNDRY and cleaning works, 286 12th street, corner of Alice. Lace curtains dolled up like new; gloves and feathers cleaned, children's caps and clothing a specialty.

FRENCH LAUNDRY FOR LACE and curtains removed from 1228 Broadway to 1370 Broadway.

WILLIAM G. BADGER, AGENT for Hallett and Davis Co., pianos removed to History Building, 725 Market street San Francisco.

GERMAN, SCANDINAVIAN AND all of male and female help can be found at MRS. TIETJEN'S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE, 768 Seventh street. We have a good cook, also girls for general housework.

LADIES DESIRING FIRST CLASS cooks, chambermaids, waitresses, nurse girls and girls for general housework at SCANDINAVIAN EMPLOYMENT OFFICE, 424 19th st.; also, first class coachmen and gardeners.

A SWEDISH GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK; also girls for second work, first class cooks, chambermaids, waitresses, help of all kinds at the OAKLAND EMPLOYMENT BUREAU, 508 Ninth street, near Washington.

A. A. MOORE, SOuTHEAST CORNER Ninth and Broadway.

CHARLES L. COLVIN, ATTORNEY-at-law and Notary Public, office 854 1/2 Broadway, rooms 7 and 8, Oakland.

C. T. JOHNS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, rooms 47 and 48, 969 Broadway.

DODGE & FRY, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, 968 Broadway, room 17, Blake & Moffitt building.

EDWARD G. ROBINSON, ATTORNEY at Law, rooms 19 and 20, Blake & Moffitt building, corner Eighth and Broadway, Oakland.

FRED L. BUTTON, ATTORNEY AT law and Notary Public, [?] Broadway near Tenth, Oakland, Cal.

FREDERICK E. [?], ATTORNEY at Law, and notary public, [?] Broadway, rooms 27 and 28, Oakland, Cal.

FRANK B. OGDEN, ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law and Notary Public; 864 1/2 Broadway, room 45.

F. ALLEYNE ORR, ATTORNEY AT LAW, 921 Broadway, bet. 8th and 9th sts., Oakland, rooms 2 and 3- divor ces, homesteads and collections a specialty.

GEORGE W. LANGAN, ATTORNEY and Counselor at Law, Livermore, Alameda, Col, Cal.

JUDGE NOBLE HAMILTON'S LAW office is at rooms 21 and 22, Parrott Building, 508 California street, San Francisco.

J. ?. McELROY, ATTORNEY AND Counselor at Law, 921 Broadway, room 8, Residence, 574 Charter St., [?]

JAMES K. PETRSOL, ATTORNEY at law, rooms 26 and 27, 957 Broadway, Oakland.

J. E. McELRATH, ATTORNEY AT LAW, rooms 9 and 10 Blake & Moffitt building, cor. Broadway and Eighth st., Oakland.

J. C. PLUNKETT, ATTORNEY AT LAW, northeast corner Broadway and Seventh street, rooms 5 and 6. Oakland, Cal. Money to lend on real estate.

J. A. ROBINSON, 508 MONTGOMERY street, rooms 3 and 4, San Francisco.

LIN S. CHURCH-DISTRICT Attorney's office, Court House.

M. C. CHAPMAN, ATTORNEY AT Law, 968 Broadway, rooms 13 and 15, Blake & MOffitt building.

MORROW & STRATTON, ATTORNEYS at Law, 325 Montgomery street, San Francisco, Entrance room 32.

NYE AND RICHARDSON, Rooms 8, 9, and 10, 456 Eighth street, Oakland.

R. M. FITZGERALD, ATTORNEY at Law, 854 1/2 Broadway, rooms 4 and 5, Oakland, Cal.

SAMUEL BELL McKEE, JR., Attorney at Law, 957 Broadway, Oakland, Cal.

THOS. F. GRABER, ATTORNEY at Law, rooms 7 and 8, [?] Broadway, corner Seventh street, Oakland, Cal.

STENOGRAPHER and TYPEWRITER-All kinds of legal work, business correspondence, and copying promptly, accurately and neatly done; shorthand reporting and typewriting a specialty. At office of Moore & Reed, Attorneys at Law, cor. Ninth and Broadway, over Bank; hours 9 A.M. to 11 A. M., Miss L. A. CASE, stenographer.

B. R. ALLEN, CARPENTER, builder, and general jobber. Shop, 56 Thirteenth street.

CONTRACTING, BUILDING AND General Jobbing, in all its branches; plans, specifications and estimates furnished. R. J. SPECHT, 230 Harlan Street, near B. street, North Oakland.

W. T. VEITCH & BRO. CONTRACTORS and builders, 1164 Webster.