From: The Oakland Independent Enquirer, 17 October 1885, page 1. NOTE that the list is not reliably alphabetical.

The Ridiculous Plea made by Esteemed Fellow Citizens
All Retail Liquor Dealers

To Suffer Because of One or Two BlackSheep-Power of the Mayor and City Council to Eradicate "Cancers"-List of all Recorded Saloons, with Proprietor's Names

"In the interests of decency" is a plea being used in this city to bring about the exaction of higher rates for retail liquor licenses. The claim is made that there are a number of "dives" in Oakland the existence oef which would terminate with the imposition of a greater tax, which penalty, it is argued, would also discourage the establishment of new "dens of iniquity." This assertion is made in the face of the fact that the mayor and council conjointly can revoke the license of any liqour dealer.

There are 244 places in Oakland where liquor is retailed, accorind to the books of the Tax Collector, in whose office an INDEPENDENT man spent a large portion of yesterday. Every retail dealer is charged $25 per quarter, or $100 a year, where his receipts average $750 a quarter or less; over $750 the rate is $50 a quarter. This city derives a revenue from this source of $24,400 a year.

That there are "doggeries" in Oakland is a moot question. If there are saloons the presence of which vitiates the moral atmosphere of the city at large, these "cancers" can be eradicated, as aforesaid, without the necessity of making the respectable suffer with the disrepuatable!

The INDEPENDENT proposes to deal sturdily with this matter, and as one way of focussing the subject, herewith presents a revised list of all the recorded retail liquor dealers in Oakland.

Amongst the number, how many are proprietors of "plague spots"?

Aird, Andrew, 463 Sixth street

Avan, Charles, 370 Eighth

Barbiere, Gaetano, 25th and San Pablo avenue

Brandon & Wonderlich, Dietz Opera House

Ballard, J. W., 464 Ninth

Barry, DW, Eighth between Broadway and Franklin

Bennett, B., 653 Jackson

Breuer, H., 34th and San Pablo Avenue

Bignani, L., 572 Seventh

Boyle, Owen, 1601 Market

Bowers, Mrs. SE, 703 Franklin

Bonjour, H., 1255 Telegraph Avenue

Bombardi, Mrs. Fred, Fifth and Franklin

Bogart, Mrs. SE, 460 Sixth

Broderson, Henry, 422 Eighth

Brunjes, 701 East Twelfth

Bieler, Frank, 809 East Fourteenth

Butler, James, 719 Broadway

Boles, Patrick, 1111 Kirkham

Bushen, ND, 1801 Seventh

Bunker, J., 1805 Seventh

Bryant, EJ, 801 Broadway

Chartrand, L., 560 Franklin

Carpenter, J., East 14th and 23rd Ave

Campbell, EH, 1050 Broadway

Cashin, Wm., 418 B Street

Calvan, Mrs. J., 1403 Thirteenth

Campbell & Schaub, 854 Broadway

Castelli, A., Fourth and Webster

Clonen, John, Seventh and Henry

Cox, George, 202 B Street

Considene, Patrick, 218 Sixth

Connerton, Owen, 1051 Wood

Cusick, John, Twenty-sixth and Market

Diedrichson, B., Emery Station

Driscoll Bros., 1518 Seventh

Doyle, Luke, 852 Webster

Donahue, John, 475 Sixth

Dreus, L. C., 864 Broadway

Eiben & Noir, Seventh and Campbell

Eiferle, C., 468 Eighth

Fayif, F., 1150 Franklin

Feeley, C., Seventh and Franklin

Fiege & Kayser, 840 Broadway

Fisher & Morrison, 1776 Seventh

Flynn, Edmund, 857 Peralta

Fisher, EB & Co., 905 1/2 Washington

Flynn, Wm., 1833 Seventh

Fontaine, P., 1441 San Pablo avenue

Fugel, Hugo, 468 Twelfth

Gallagher, N., 1722 Telegraph avenue

Garon, LG, 553 Broadway

Gaspard, F., 827 East Twelfth

Granet, P., East Fourteenth and Twenty-sixth avenue

Gaudin, Henry, 1399 Telegraph Ave

Greenhood, Joseph, 1932 San Pablo avenue

Gerity, Mrs. Sarah, 1924 San Pablo avenue

Green, Mrs. Sarah, 612 Franklin

Gemreich & Thornberg, 1476 Eighth

Gill & Donnovan, 406 Seventh

Gier, Theo., 1020 Third

Gibbons, Patrick, 1473 Seventh

Giese, Otto, 1751 Seventh

Goldstein, J., East Fourteenth and Eighteenth Street

Guyot, Emile, Twelfth street dyke

Grunenwold, M., 858 Washington

Guy, Wm., Campbell and Pacific

Hanley, M., 1507 Seventh

Hansen, Theo., 380 Tenth

Harding, F., 832 Broadway

Harfst, Herman, 1642 Telegraph avenue

Hayes, M., Fifth and Market

Harding, F., 601 Webster

Hart, Daniel, Second and Broadway

Haar, Henry, 1472 Seventh

Henken, J. F., 901 East Fourteenth

Helmke & Brunje, Twenty-first and Broadway

Held, John, 367 Thirteenth

Hernandez, SA, 655 Broadway

Herbert & Sonderleiter, 477 Ninth

Heinold, JM, 542 Webster

Hohn, John, First between Broadway and Franklin

Holland, James, Fifth and Brush

Hodgkins, EA, 1851 San Pablo avenue

Hanifin, JJ, Seventh and Broadway

Hanifin, JJ, [sic] Fourteenth between Broadway and Washington

Hopken, A., 1301 Center

Hohman, Hugo, 1055 Thirteenth avenue

Husing, D., 379 Twelfth

Hershberg, Leon & Co., 853 Washington

Hurley, T., 408 Sixth

Inwall, H., 461 Seventh

Jagels and Wulff, Fifth and Lewis

Jahnigen & Chamberlain, 625 East Twelfth

Jacoby, J., Fourteenth and Market

Jenkins, James, 601 Third

Jurgens, Charles, 409 Twelfth

Kraft, George, 859 Washington

Klages, Fred, 602 Franklin

Kearny, J., Atlantic and Willow

Kreyenhagen & Co., 728 Broadway

Knauth & Stecker, Wood and Goss

Krentzfeldt & Hansen, 836 Broadway

Kehoe, Peter, 1151 Seventh

Keyes, James, 1454 Fifth

Kent, Wm., Seventh and Washington

Kelly, JTM, 825 Broadway

Kilto, Wm., Thirty-fourth and Telegraph avenue

Kirchner, H., 1542 Adeline

Kimie, Charles, 1454 Seventh

Kimball, JH, Thirteenth avenue and East Eleventh

Koster, H., 719 Webster

Kornshrens, Jacob, Twenty-second street and San Pablo

Kohler, Wm., 479 Seventh

Kohler, EF, 1502 Seventh

Lafleche, GT, 552 Broadway

Leyner, Mrs. C., 1362 Center

Leonhard, F., 1204 Broadway

Lonis, Maria, Third avenue and East Eighth

Long, James, 1833 Seventh

Loud, Warren, Seventh and Wood

Lynch, John, 1457 Seventh

Lucier, Louis, 701 Franklin

Luckenbill, Jno., Fifteenth ave and East Twelfth

Ludeman, J., 1305 San Pablo

Manuel, I., Sixteenth and San Pablo

Maristany, Joseph, 663 Broadway

Maleton, H., 1574 San Pablo

Maddock, L., 951 Webster

Madigan, Michael, 900 Broadway

Martin, Michael, First and Broadway

Mellus, Crosby, Twelfth bet. Fallon and First ave

Mentz, Fred, Sixteenth and Center

Murphy, Daniel, 1840 Seventh

Meyer, HH, 501 Seventh

Meyer, Julius, Fourth and Franklin

Miller, Flora, First and Webster

Mitchell, Jno. H., Fifth and Castro

Mongelas, CT, 822 Broadway

Mysser, SW, 1323 Fourteenth

Muhlethaler, Jno., Seventh and Wood

Murphy, MM, Second and Broadway

Musladin, WC, Seventh and Broadway

McCarthy, Chas., 909 Seventh

McCabe, Mrs. C., 753 Seventh

McCarthy & Flannery, 879 Washington

McMillan & Cox, 837 Market

McWilliams, James, 844 Franklin

McElroy, James, Seventh and Clay

McGoff, Ed., 702 Broadway

Nugent, James, 422 Eighth

Neher, AD, 1769 Sixteenth

Neuhard, JM, Seventh and Webster

Newman, Wm., 1791 Seventh

Nitze & Seitz, Thirteenth avenue and East Eleventh

Nolan, J., 420 Seventh

Noll, J., 856 Webster

Noisat, P., 580 Fourth

O'Neil, C., 1851 Seventh

Overland House, 603 Broadway

O'Donnell, M., 1811 Seventh

Peralta, N. & Co., 710 Broadway

Palmer, Joseph, 1663 Sixteenth

Pagge, P. & Co., 844 Broadway

Paoli, F., 551 Seventh

Peterson, Hans, 1700 Eighth

Pressey, JS, Tenth and Center

Petar & Dresco, 1072 Broadway

Peters, Peter, Sixth and Broadway

Peckham, AE, B and Hollis

Peru, Wm., 1008 Broadway

Powell, Jacob, First and Franklin

Powers, Michael, Fifth and Washington

Rathjen, Fifth and Jefferson

Racovich, M., 844 Market

Raether, E. P., Colosseum

Raffo Bros., 671 Broadway

Reynders, Jno., 1157 Seventh

Reynolds, RB, 690 Market

Reek & Kuhnle, 1166 1/2 Seventh

Ryan, MJ, 520 Sixth

Ryan, Patk., Center St. Station

Rice & Wheeler, Fourteenth and Market

Rowland, E, 919 Seventh

Rowe, Thos., 317 East Twelfth

Rozensky, Ignatio, Third and Broadway

Slattery, WP, 702 Market

Schaefer, Jno., 1517 San Pablo

Scanlon &Surr[?], 422 Seventh

Sonner, FA, 477 Eighth

Sanderson, WN & Co., 842 Market

Sharp, George, 650 Myrtle

Scheiding, TH, 1816 Seventh

Stevens, MV, Stevens' Park

Selna & Co., 1022 Broadway

Sheridan & Tenbroke, 469 Eighth

Schaefer, JM, 366 Twelfth

Stewart, JF, 463 Ninth

Stephens, WM, Tubbs' Hotel

Smith, C., 1251 Kirkham

Smith & Freiberling, 842 Broadway

Smith, James, Third and Linden

Smith & Cruz, 271 B street

Simmons, Joseph, 417 Seventh

Smith, Patrick, Fourth and Broadway

Schmidt, C., 227 Eighth

Sieber, M., 802 Broadway

Silva, Jno. & Co., East Fourteenth between Sixteenth and Seventeenth

Schmidt, Jno, 466 Seventh

Scott Bros., 475 Ninth

Schlotzhauer, P., Eighth and Washington

Schoenfelder, Jno., Seventh and Wood

Strong, AG, 1165 Seventh

Stockey, Jno., 1661 Eighth

Schuler & Siebold, Seventh and Webster

Sullivan, Mrs. M., Fifteenth and Market

Sullivan, James, 407 Seventh

Thaler, Conrad, 1502 Eighth

Freeman, Charles, 1074 Thirteenth avenue

Thayer, EF, 464 Eighth

Tisch, Jno. 414 Eighth

Thomson, EW, Seventh and Franklin

Turk, Chris, Fifteenth and San Pablo

Valentine, Stumpf & Co., 415 Seventh

Stubbs & Lercher, 459 Seventh

Vogt, David, 422 Eleventh

Von Glahn, JF, 1451 Seventh

Walsh, Wm., 1319 Center

Welch, Martin, 471 Tenth

Weyer, Dennis, 382 East Twelfth

Welter, L., Sixth avenue and East Ninth

Whyte, A., 401 East Twelfth

Williams, Chas., Nineteenth avenue and East Fourteenth

White, John, 1114 Broadway

Witt, Andrew, 1226 Broadway

Woodward, J., Twenty-second ave. and East Twelfth

Wright, Ben, Galindo Hotel

Walter, R., 1125 Thirteenth ave

Whipple, Orison, East Twelfth and Thirteenth ave

Young, Sam, 807 Broadway

Zimmerman, J, 558 Franklin