Note: St. John's Episcopal Church was formally established in 1853. The following are published as "written by Rev. Edward William Lyle... taken from the records of Saint John's Church". Extracted from Oakland, 1852-1938, Hinkel and McCann, eds. Published by The Oakland Public Library, 1938; page 405.

St. John's Episcopal Church Records-1850's

Communicants--February 1855: Mrs. J. M. W. Syle, Mrs. E. A. Suiverkop, Dr. Matthew Carter, Mrs. Carter, Mr. O. S. Compton, Mrs. Compton, Mr. Wm. C. Jewett, Mrs. Lydia Curtis, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Lock.

Communicants in later months of the same year: Miss Virginia Foote; Mrs. Daniell; Mary, her servant; Mrs. Healep; Mrs. Hancock; Mrs. Richardson.

Baptisms: February 10, 1855: Arthur Carrington Syle--Parents: Edward Wm. Syle and Jane Mary, his wife. Sponsors: The Father and (by proxy) Henry Winter Davis, and Candace C. Carrington. Birth: 3d. Dec. 1855. Officiating Clergyman: Rev. E. W. Syle. December, 1855: Jane M. W. Syle stood sponsor for Calista Hasseltine Harrison (an adult) wife of Joseph Harrison.

Burials--July 1855: Mrs. Elizabeth Foote. 44 years. Place of interment: Near Gov. Foote's Clinton. Officiating Clergyman: Rev. E. W. Syle.

Marriages--1855. May 31, William Morris Stewart and Annie Elizabeth Foote, at Clinton, the house of Gov. Foote, the Bride's father. June 17, Joseph Webster Bond and Susan Brownville, at Oakland, the house of Mr. Crocker. September 13, Louis Aldrich and Virginia Cecelia Foote, at Gov. Foote's house, Clinton. Officiating Clergyman, Rev. E. W. Syle, Acting Rector of the Parish.